‘Malignant’ movie review

I had a chance to watch Malignant this past weekend and it was a wild ride. 🤣

I’ve seen some people say they expected something like James Wan’s other movies and maybe more like The Conjuring. I never once got those vibes from this project. I feel like I’m one of the only people who felt this way but I had so much faith in him and I knew he was going to do something fun and different from the moment I heard the title of this movie. And he did not disappoint.

Malignant is the story of a woman who starts seeing terrifying visions of people being murdered, and is shocked to find out that they are real. And…that’s all I can say about the plot. It stars Annabelle Wallis, Maddie Hasson, and George Young, and was directed by James Wan.

Let me just say that I loved this movie! As soon as I was done, I was literally thinking “I need the poster on my wall and the blu-ray/4k in my collection ASAP.” It is so different and so much fun and I truly enjoyed every minute of it.

I’ve seen some criticism that the first half of the movie is very basic, kind of confusing, and very off-putting. I can honestly say didn’t feel that way at all. Just judging from James Wan’s previous work, I knew there was a twist coming and I was waiting patiently for it. And man, did it pay off.

I can’t really go into detail about what happens in this movie because anything you say about it beyond the basic plot is really too much. But there is one reveal in the movie…that although I had an idea where they were going with the plot, I still was not ready. And my mouth was hanging open pretty much for the rest of the movie. 😆

I honestly can’t say I recommend this movie to everyone. It’s one of those movies where you will either love it and appreciate it for what it is or you will hate it. But I will say that if you love horror, don’t take it too seriously, and go into it with an open mind, you’ll at least have fun with it like I did.

I give Malignant an A. 👍🏾 IMDb currently lists James Wan’s next directorial projects as Insidious 5, Aquaman 2, and a TV series called Archive 81. I was already excited for his upcoming work but now I’m even more pumped!

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