Movie challenge

Movie Challenge (+ a free printable checklist!)

To kickoff the new year and celebrate all of the awesome movies coming out, I thought it would be fun to do my own movie challenge! I’ve actually never participated in a challenge, so this will be interesting. 🙂

There are 52 movie prompts below, with one for each week. You can do them in order or you can mix it up.

I’ve also created a free checklist (download below), that you can print out and use to check off which movies you’ve seen, along with the name.

Take the challenge with me to see how many you can complete. And then make sure you share your progress on social media and tag me so I can follow along! ?

Movie Challenge

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  1. Tanea, I LOVE this idea! You could have a hashtag so people could do it on twitter/instagram etc, and follow your own progress! I’d certainly be down for that. Though I’m kind of terrible at challenges so… might not do it every week ?

    Anyway, definitely grabbing the list, sounds fun!

    1. Thanks, Sofia! A hashtag sounds really good! Maybe if more people show interest I’ll set that up. 🙂

  2. Alexis Bone says:

    the printable link doesn’t work! can you re-share?

  3. The link isn’t working