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5 Useful Websites for Movie and TV lovers

5 useful websites for movie and TV lovers

As a movie and TV lover (okay, junkie) I love web tools and apps that can help me keep track of, find, and chat about what I’m watching. Here are my top 5 favorite sites that I highly recommend!

1. Letterboxd

Letterboxd is a community for movie lovers to share reviews and lists of what they’ve watched, often labeled as the Goodreads for movies. I love this site because I like writing short reviews and keeping track of what I’ve seen and when. And then of course I love to look at other people’s lists and reviews.

2. Instant Watcher

Instant Watcher is just a list of everything that’s available to stream on Netflix, sortable by category or popularity. On their home page, they have a top list of popular and new/noteworthy titles. This is really helpful when I want to quickly see what’s new or popular on Netflix right now.

I love loading it up and seeing something like a new horror movie pop up on the list, but my favorite feature has got to be the sorting. I can quickly see what’s popular on Netflix by genre, rating, or release date.

InstantWatcher sorting feature

3. TV Time

TV Time is a new app that I just recently started using. I like to think of it as Letterboxd for TV. You can follow and track shows, then mark episodes as watched, and then post a reaction. And of course you can follow other people and interact with them too.

The best feature, of course, is the one that notifies you when your tracked shows are coming on. I’ve used an app called Next Episode for this before (and I still have it on my phone), but I like the interface and community of this app better.

4. Just Watch

Just watch is a web app that’ll let you see what’s new and popular on pretty much any online streaming service or app. This is really similar to Instant Watcher, except they include a whole lot more: Netflix, Amazon Prime Now, Hulu, Vudu, HBO Go, and Crackle are just a few that you can track.

TWD on Just Watch

You can also search for a movie or show to find out where you can watch it. It’s a really, really helpful tool!

5. IMDb

I think everyone knows about IMDb, but I thought I’d add it to the list anyway. This is pretty much the official source of information on any film, show, actor, or film industry professional. You can create an account so you can add stuff to lists and rate them, but I use the site mostly for the information.

If you sign up for a Pro account you can get information and features not available to the general public. This could helpful if you’re looking to get in contact for an interview or feature for your blog, or if you want to manage your own IMDb profile.

What are some of your favorite movie/tv websites and apps? I’d love to have some different ones to try!

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