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The 10 most shocking deaths on The Walking Dead

Sunday night was the big season 8 mid-season premiere, and we saw the death of yet another major character. Even though I expect it to happen on a show like this, I still can’t believe how many people we’ve lost. And the season isn’t even over yet! My 2 favorites (Rick and Michonne) are still alive, so I’m good, and I’m not angry or bored at all with the show like so many fans are. But after Sunday night I do wonder where the writers are going with the storyline (Scott Gimple and Robert Kirkman have indicated that this will all make sense later) and if the show can make it through this slump.

Since the show is at a such a pivotal point in its 8 seasons of airtime, I feel like it’s a great time to reflect on the most shocking deaths so far. These are the deaths that I personally think have been the most shocking. You may disagree. This post does contain spoilers, obviously.

1. Carl

Carl’s death has the TWD fandom shook and it definitely deserves to be at #1. I don’t think anyone ever thought that Carl would die before Rick, so we weren’t prepared for it at all. I was actually in denial over the entire break, just hoping that somehow this was another fakeout death. We all thought Carl would outlive his dad and then become basically the new Rick. But then the show decided to take a hard turn from both the comics and everyone’s expectations. I’m happy he at least got to say goodbye and get some closure, and we as the audience didn’t have to actually see it happen. But Carl is the reason Rick has done everything he has up until this point. So where do we go from here? How can the show go on without Carl? I guess we will find out. Well, at least those of us who are still watching.

The Walking Dead - Carl Grimes

2. Glenn

I don’t think I even have to explain why Glenn’s death was one of the most shocking. His death was very gruesome and over the top, and it set such a dark tone for the show going forward. Everything changed after that.

3. Hershel

I mentioned this in my Walking Dead tag post, but I’ll say it again: watching that sweet old man get his head cut clean off by The Governor is still one of the most shocking deaths to me! I didn’t read any spoilers so I no idea it was about to go down like that. It was so crazy.

4. Abe

Watching poor Abe get killed was crazy but he was so brave. He showed no fear and took it like a champ (as Negan said). And when he gave Sasha the peace sign it was one of the saddest things ever.

5. Noah

People don’t talk about Noah’s death enough! To me, his was one of the most brutal. He was literally ripped apart by walkers, while poor Glenn watched helplessly. This is another one that I was not prepared for. Rick and the group had saved him and he was becoming a real member of the family. Then he’s gone, just like that, due to another character’s stupidity and cowardice. He was a good kid and didn’t deserve to die that way.

The Walking Dead - Noah

6. Sasha

Sasha’s death was insane to me because she’s one of the only people who chose to die and become a walker. I didn’t want her to do it and I still don’t think it was worth it, since Negan is still alive. But she took out some Saviors and gave Team Rick an advantage, so I guess it was better than nothing.

7. Beth

I was so proud of Beth for standing up for herself and Noah. She grew so much as a character and I was impressed by her ability to not only survive but to take care of Carol and Noah in that prison of a hospital. Such a sad moment to see her killed like that for no reason.

8. Lori

How crazy was it that Carl had to put down his own mom? And then she was apparently eaten by a walker?

9. Shane

I wasn’t that shocked over Shane’s actual death — tensions were so high and I knew it was either him or Rick. I was more shocked (and proud) that Rick finally stood up to him and killed him, and that Carl had the courage to put him down. That was such an epic moment and Rick was never the same after that, but in a good way. He showed that yes, he could and would do anything to protect his family.

10. Shiva

I decided to add Shiva to the list because how often do you get to see a CGI tiger eaten by zombies on a TV show?

The Walking Dead - Shiva

What was your most shocking moment?

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