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We are already 4 episodes in to season 8 of The Walking Dead! So far, we’ve seen the beginning of All Out War. I’m really enjoying the season so far. The plot is moving a little slow, but I understand that they’re taking their time with this part of the series because it’s a major part of the comics. I’ve been really missing my favorite character Michonne, as she stays at home to recover from her injuries from last season. I know she’ll be back in episode 6 though and I’m so ready.

I thought it would be fun to do The Walking Dead Tag! I wasn’t tagged by anyone, I just found some questions to use from here and here.

1. Walkers, Lurkers, biters, Lame-brains, Geeks, or Rotters, which is it?

Walkers! And Zombies, even though everyone knows that in the TWD universe we don’t use the Z word.

2. You just woke up to a zombie apocalypse. What is your weapon of choice?

My choice weapon would be a really big knife. It’s easy to use and it’s effective, although it would take me a while to get used to it. Guns are ideal in the ZA but ammo gets harder and harder to find as time goes on. So I’d get a huge knife and carry it with me at all times!

3. Now that you have your weapon, choose your partner. Who will it be?

Definitely Michonne. She is fiercely loyal, strong, smart, and of course she’s a badass. This woman survived alone out on the road with just a sword and 2 walker pets. In my opinion she is the best character on the show and I’d feel much safer with her having my back!


My other choice would be Rick. He is also loyal, strong, smart, and a badass (which is part of why he and Michonne work so well together), and I could trust that he would do anything to keep me safe. And of course it doesn’t hurt that he’s so good-looking. Yes, please!

4. Location is everything, where will your camp be?

In my opinion Alexandria is the ultimate ZA community, because it’s sustainable and those houses are super nice. But I don’t think I’d get lucky enough to find a place like that in a ZA. So another choice would be an isolated farm like Hershel’s or an abandoned prison like the one from seasons 3 & 4.

5. Who is dead that you wish was still alive?

I have a list, because I can’t just pick one person. Glenn, because he was a wonderful character and I really miss him. His death was so brutal. HERSHEL. His death actually affected me the most, because to me it was the most shocking and unexpected death, at least up until then. Watching that sweet, helpless old man get his head cut clean off by The Governor while his daughters and friends watched was just awful and made me cry. To this day I can’t even watch his or Glenn’s death scenes!

Hershel Greene

I also really miss Sasha and Tyrese. They were both really strong characters. Noah is another one I hated to see go, because he had so much potential! And of course, I miss Abe’s odd sense of humor.

6. Who is alive that you wish was dead?

I really wish Negan was dead! I mean, come on. He killed Glenn and Abe. He totally deserves to die just on that alone, and I can list many other reasons, but don’t get me started.

7. Which character is the most evil of all time?

To me, the most evil character and the best villain of all time on this show was The Governor.

He was a total sociopath and completely narcissistic. He sexually assaulted Maggie, tried to kill Michonne, and killed lots of people including Andrea, Hershel and some of his own people. Negan is bad too, but The Governor was so much worse in my opinion. He was so unpredictable because he was completely driven by his own agenda.

On another note, The Claimers were also horrible, because of what they almost did to Carl. Ugh.

8. If you had a baby during the apocalypse, which character would you put in charge of your child?

Definitely Rick Grimes! Like I said, there is no limit to what he would do to protect someone, as we saw back in episode 4×11, “Claimed,” where he ripped a man’s throat out with his teeth to protect Carl and Michonne. Yikes.

9. Hey leader, your call: the needs of your loved ones or the needs of many?

I guess it depends on what the needs are? because in a group setting, most of the time the needs of your family and the needs of the group should be the same — you all need food, water, safety, and shelter.

I look to Rick Grimes as a perfect example of this, because he’s an great leader and he’s never really had to choose between the group or his family. The only time he even came close to something like that was back in season 3 when he considered giving Michonne up to The Governor so that the rest of them could be safe. And we all know that in the end he couldn’t go through with it because he knew it was the wrong thing to do and it wouldn’t necessarily keep them safe (and he also cared about Michonne more than he realized).

But I guess if it really came down to that, my answer would of course have to be my loved ones.

10. What’s the biggest lesson TWD taught you abut surviving a zombie apocalypse?

My answer to this is conflicting, but I’d say both that you need people and you can’t trust people. ha. Find a good, loyal, strong group of people to be around and to have your back, and then be very cautious of new people that you meet out on the road or let into your group. Because as we’ve learned, people can be more dangerous than the Walkers.

Ok, it’s your turn. If you do The Walking Dead Tag, let me know in the comments so I can check it out. 🙂

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  1. Awesome tags!! I’m gonna have to give these answers some thought. Would it be all right if I did a post on my blog and linked back to you for credit?

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