Why you should watch Chambers on Netflix

Today I wanted to chat a little about Netflix’s new series Chambers, and why you should watch it! This show is not being talked about enough and I think it deserves more attention.

It’s about a teenager named Sasha who receives a heart transplant from another girl named Becky, who died under mysterious circumstances. Things get weird when she starts experiencing crazy visions and spending time with Becky’s grieving family.

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Diverse and talented cast

I don’t know why this isn’t getting more attention, but Sivan Alyra Rose, who plays Sasha, is the first Native woman to lead a Netflix series. Supporting her is already a big reason to just give this show a shot. Then two of my other favorite characters, Yvonne (Sasha’s best friend) and Big Frank (Sasha’s uncle), are played by black and Native actors, respectively. Yvonne is also a computer whiz, which impressed me because I hardly ever see a black female computer whiz on TV.

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Rounding out the cast, Uma Thurman and Tony Goldwyn play Becky’s parents — two very talented and well known actors who did a damn good job playing these grieving parents with a secret. (And it was great seeing Tony in a new show after Scandal ended last year!)

Chambers was also created by a woman and many of the episodes were directed by women.

Slow-burn drama thriller with a bit of horror

Although it’s being marketed as a horror series, I actually find it pretty light on horror and not scary at all (although, admittedly, nothing scares me much anymore). There are some disturbing images but if you go in expecting something scary you might be disappointed. It’s definitely more of a drama with disturbing images. And it takes a big turn toward the end and almost turns into something completely different.

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This has become one of my favorite types of shows and movies to watch! I’m not that big on drama alone, but when it’s mixed with thriller or horror I think it becomes so much more interesting. It reminds me so much of HBO’s mini-series Sharp Objects, which blended the same genres together to make a dark drama with ominous images and creepy characters. Although I’ll say that show was better, in that it was creepier and made me cry at the end. This show also kinda reminds me of The Haunting of Hill House, although it doesn’t have as much horror.

And just in case you happen to like humor and/or teen dramas, there’s some of that in there as well. I actually laughed out loud a few times throughout the season, and I fell in love with the characters and their interesting personalities.

Go watch it!

Chambers is on Netflix now! It’s not perfect by any means, and if it gets a second season there’s a lot I’d like to see improved. But it’s a fun little show and if you like this genre, you might enjoy it. Give it a try and let me know what you think!


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  1. 5.7.19

    I’ve been wanting to watch this, but the previews were so terrifying to me. I’m glad to hear it’s not so much horror as it is thriller/drama. I’ll definitely be watching this soon!

    • 5.7.19
      Tanea said:

      Awesome, let me know what you think! ?