50 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

50 entertainment blog post ideas for lifestyle bloggers

I love to use Trello to organize blog post ideas as they come to me. Most of my inspiration from reading other blogs or just from my own experience, and it’s usually pretty easy to come up with ideas. Still, it gets hard sometimes to come up with new ideas (or one that you actually feel like writing about at that particular time).

So I wanted to make this post with some ideas that will help you through those days when you’re just in a rut. I made these exclusive to lifestyle bloggers, including anyone who writes about movies, TV, books, music, or celebrities, and lifestyle/geek topics like travel and fashion. This is a type of list I haven’t really seen before so I hope it can help you!


  1. Your top 10 favorite movies
  2. Share your collectibles
  3. Do a movie/book/TV/music review
  4. Your favorite quotes
  5. Share your movie collection
  6. Do a bookshelf tour
  7. Some kind of freebie for your readers
  8. Inspired fashion or home decor
  9. Share a wishlist
  10. Do a tag post
  11. Write about an event you attended
  12. Random facts about you (bookish, film, random, etc.)
  13. Music playlist or mixtape
  14. Share your record collection
  15. Travel bucket list
  16. Current favorite things
  17. Wrap-up of movies/TV you’ve watched or books you’ve read recently
  18. Have you ever met a celebrity? Tell us about it!
  19. Share a recent concert experience
  20. Your favorite social media accounts to follow for books, fitness inspiration, etc.
  21. Show us what’s on your phone — your apps, wallpaper, etc.
  22. Share your Oscar/Grammy/Emmy favorites or predictions
  23. Your favorite places to shop online for clothing and collectibles
  24. Home/office/dorm tour
  25. Your favorite movies on Netflix
  26. Share your favorite books or movies from when you were a kid
  27. Try or create a DIY or recipe
  28. Do a review of a tech product or app you tried
  29. Share what’s in your bag or purse
  30. Do a haul with stuff you’ve bought recently
  31. Do a review of a new restaurant or place you’ve been to recently
  32. Share videos or pictures from an unboxing
  33. Interview someone you admire
  34. Share blogging tools, tips, or resources
  35. Do a weekly feature, like weekly finds, a weekly wrap-up, or weekly goals
  36. Give your best tips or advice for something you’re skilled at or passionate about like organization or travel
  37. A roundup of your favorite posts from or your own blog and/or other blogs
  38. Book or movie recommendations
  39. Teach people how to do something specific, like cosplay as a specific character or start a bullet journal
  40. Do a giveaway or contest
  41. Collaborate with another blogger on a guest post
  42. Create a list of your favorite blogs people should follow
  43. Your most anticipated new releases in movies, books, music, or TV
  44. A funny or interesting story
  45. Share your opinion on a topic
  46. Share the life lessons you’ve learned
  47. A detailed guide for how you did something specific, like grow your Instagram or save money for a big trip
  48. Are you an artist or designer? Do you have your own boutique or business? Share your work!
  49. Do a holiday-themed post, like favorite Christmas movies, DIY Halloween costumes, easy Thanksgiving recipes, etc.
  50. Celebrity feature — your favorite actors, your celebrity style icons, etc.

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  1. This is an extensive list Tanea. Glad I bumped into this content. I think this one right here Share your Oscar/Grammy/Emmy favorites or predictions would be a right choice.

    By the way, do you also accept guest post? Or maybe considering one? We can also collaborate.

    1. Thanks! The Oscars are right around the corner so it’s a great idea for this time. I am open to guest posts — send me an email about it (contact page is in my navigation) and we’ll chat!