If you saw my last The Walking Dead Supply Drop unboxing post, you know I wasn’t impressed with the first box that was sent out and I considered cancelling my subscription, since I don’t normally “do” subscription boxes. I don’t know who decided they’d go all out for this next box, but it’s SO much better than the last one!

This box is a tribute to some of our favorite fallen characters, featuring *spoiler alert* Hershel, Abe, Sasha, Glenn, Shiva, and Carl (based on the photo/card I got in the box).

The Walking Dead Supply Drop April 2018 - 2

TWD Supply Drop April 2018 - 3

1. Glenn Hat…Hat

I was so excited to get this box that I just had to do a show and tell for my husband. His first comment was, “Why is there a hat with a hat on it?” LOL. (He doesn’t watch the show so he doesn’t get it). Well I think this Glenn hat is pretty awesome and I fully plan on wearing it.

2. Exclusive production photo from the season 8 finale

I was hoping to get something for my 2 favorites, Rick and Michonne, and I guess I technically did. This is a photo of Team Rick with Rick and Michonne leading the group. I love it.

3. Authentic Carl costume relic card

This is supposedly a piece of Carl’s t-shirt from the show, set inside of a thick collector’s card. I’m not sure if it’s from a shirt that Chandler Riggs actually wore, but it’s still pretty cool.

4. Sasha Funko Pop

I’m not a big Funko Pop person and I really only collect Michonne and Rick action figures (I like all of the core characters, so if I started collecting them all I’d have to get every single one), so I may give this one away at some point, along with my Jesus Funko Pop. It’s still a really nice addition though.

5. “We Are TWD” license plate

Another nice addition! This definitely won’t be going on my car but I’m putting it on display on my shelf with my other stuff for sure.

6. Carl cup

This cup features a painting by artist Brian Rood. A really nice touch. I plan to actually use this and not just put it on display.

7. Greene Family Farm notebook

I love this notebook! It has a crest on the front that says “Greene Family Farm.” It’s kinda weird that Beth wasn’t featured in the cast photo, because this could easily represent both her and Hershel.

8. Shiva T-Shirt

I really love this shirt! Poor Shiva.

9. Abraham’s Dog Tags

I love jewelry like this, that isn’t super tacky. I have a necklace with a katana on it, representing Michonne, that I like to wear sometimes. I’ll be wearing this one too.

10. Carl’s Chocolate Pudding Bar

This seems to be a random addition to the box that’s not even listed on the card. But I’m not complaining at all.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but I actually loved everything I got in this box! The in memoriam theme, although sad (I miss all of these characters!), was a really nice touch and now I hope they do a theme for each box. I’m actually excited for the next one now. 🙂

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