10 heartwarming quotes from ‘The Baby-Sitters Club’ on Netflix

The Baby-Sitters Club season 2 just premiered on Netflix this week, and I’m always surprised that no one is talking about this show. It’s cute, it’s fun for the whole family to watch, and it gives older fans like me that nostalgic feeling we crave. 🥺 I was never super into the books (although I did read 1 or 2) but I loved the original movie so much.

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Season 1 was fantastic and I was really happy to hear it got renewed. Season 2 was good, just formatted differently with not much of an overarching plot. But there were still plenty of sweet and heartwarming moments that I really enjoyed! So I wanted to share some of my favorite sweet yet surprisingly profound quotes from both seasons. Enjoy!

Season 1

You can’t always tell from someone’s outside who they are on the inside. But if you never ask them, they never get a chance to surprise you.

Mary Anne (Season 1)

We don’t have a choice in who our parents are. You get who you get. If you’re lucky enough to have them at all. There are no bylaws of being a mom or a dad. No rules. No written constitution you can read over winter break. Parents are just older weirdos doing the best they can. Just like the rest of us.

Dawn (Season 1)

Remembering a wrong is like carrying a burden in your mind.

Claudia (Season 1)

You should really try supporting women. When one of us succeeds, we all succeed.

Lacy Lewis (Season 1)

Act first, then ask for forgiveness later.

Mary Anne (Season 1)

Summertime is the weirdest time. When it’s happening, it feels like it’ll last forever, and then when it’s over, it feels like it never happened at all.

Kristy (Season 2)

Here’s something I read once about lottery winners. They win all this money, then a year later, it’s all gone. Like it never happened. Because there’s nothing like getting everything you ever wanted to make you feel like you were never supposed to have it.

Kristy (Season 2)

[…] The best way to feel like you belong is to start acting like you do.

Kristy (Season 2)

Looks like remembering to be kind to yourself doesn’t just apply to perfectionist eighth graders living with diabetes. It’s for everyone.

Stacey (Season 2)

[…] I don’t need $3.00 carnations or prix fixe meals to be reminded of who I love or who loves me.

Mary Anne (Season 2)

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