Captain Marvel movie review + a freebie!

This week was my birthday week! Tuesday, March 5th (my actual birthday), my husband was so sweet and surprised me with gifts, including a Black Panther Legends Series helmet, the Crazy Rich Asians book trilogy, and the movie tie-in edition of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. Plus a really sweet card. He knows me so well!

We also went to dinner and I had a Coronarita, which you may know is my favorite drink. Thanks so much to everyone who wished me happy birthday this week. 🙂 Then, this past weekend I got my very first tattoo and of course saw Captain Marvel! Since I was so excited to see this movie I thought I’d post up a spoiler-free review.

Since I’m sure you’ve heard of it, who’s in it, and (basically) what it’s about, I’m just gonna jump right into my thoughts.

The first 30 minutes or so of the movie were a bit confusing. It was set in the 90’s, and we find Carol on the Kree planet Hala, where she’s a member of the Starforce and she doesn’t remember anything about her life before that, but the timeline wasn’t so clear right away. From there, throughout the movie we see flashbacks to 6 years ago. I understand what they were doing — her past was a puzzle and we were solving the mystery of it right along with her. But the pacing was pretty uncomfortable at first and took me out of the story a bit because I didn’t know what was going on. It also made it kindof hard to connect with her at first since she didn’t really know who she was, and because of that WE didn’t know who she was.

Brie Larson as Captain Marvel

The story found its footing though and I felt a lot better about it when she made her way back to earth, which is where I would say the best parts of the movie take place. And when she meets up with Nick Fury it gets even better.

Because we only got flashbacks to her life from before, I do feel like we missed out on so many awesome moments. I was expecting this movie to be told similarly to Captain America, where we really got to know him AND Bucky before they were superheroes and we really grew to love them together that way, which made such a bigger impact when Bucky was lost and then later found. When Carol and Maria found each other later on it didn’t feel like as big of a moment because we missed out on most of it. I wish we had gotten more of those moments with Carol and Maria.

Can I also just say that I needed more 90’s pop culture references??? I know it wasn’t that kind of movie but the 90’s was such a fun era and there were so many missed opportunities to bring more of that into the film. The audience in my theater LOVED those moments, especially since nostalgia from more recent decades is a huge thing right now. It was hilarious and made me so happy as a former 90’s kid!

But overall I really enjoyed it! It had so much heart and it felt so empowering, especially in the back half. There’s a scene toward the end where Brie punches someone and says a line that had the audience laughing and cheering. That was probably my favorite part! I’m so happy and proud of Brie Larson and the entire cast and crew! $153 million opening weekend? Hell yes.

To celebrate the release of the movie, I’m giving away this little freebie! You can use it as an art print / wallpaper / social media quote or whatever you want. As always, this is free for personal use only, so please don’t redistribute it in any way.

So what did you think of the movie??

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